For delivery we using regular Post Service and EMS service.

Post Servise: 7-60 days. For postal service shipping, customers in Europe can expect their packages at the 2-3 weeks, while customers in US and Canada can take quite a bit longer. Also our experience shows that customers in Australia should be prepared to wait up to double the above times for their packages.

Keep in mind that these times are the usual amount of time it takes and packages can be delayed for any number of reasons. Because such delays are out of our control, please do not contact us about your package being delayed until at least double the maximum amount of time shown above has passed.

If you have waited that long, and you still have no package, please e-mail us with your order details, we'll assist you and make an inquiry about searching for the order in the Post Service database. In the case of the Post Service confirming that your order was lost or will never be delivered to you we will refund the full order cost. Please note that while the shipment is in transit between different countries, its location is unable to be tracked. Once the package arrives in the destination country, it is then under the jurisdiction of that country's Post Service. If you wish to use fast and expedited delivery - EMS, please contact us via e-mail or contact form for details personally. This is highly suggested for orders outside of Europe since they can take upwards of 2 months to be delivered via standard post.